Quality policy


The basis of quality and success of Brati Ritoša d.o.o. is achieved by professional and promising staff, cost management, optimal planning and flexibility in the overall business.

Basic business items Brati Ritoša d.o.o. are: Brati Ritoša d.o.o. can do business if the customer buys, and this is achieved by knowing and satisfying his needs and desires and by providing greater value than competitors. Brati Ritoša d.o.o. strives to make its employees as powerful as possible in order to better and faster than others meet customers needs. The permanent goal of Brati Ritoša d.o.o. is the construction of a strong and modern wholesale, environmentally conscious and capable of the highest goals in sales, representation and market research, primarily in Croatia.

We will ensure this by:

  • continuous improvement of the quality of services, as a priority goal of all employees of Brati Ritoša d.o.o.,
  • regular monitoring and measurement and constant improvement of the level of business of Brati Ritoša d.o.o.,
  • monitoring, measuring and constantly improving customers' satisfaction as a fundamental measure of service quality,
  • constant acquisition and application of new knowledge and technologies of work and management,                                        
  • constant focus on the rational use of energy and natural resources,                                                                                                                                             
  • continuous education of employees.

In even better cooperation with customers and suppliers and internal improvements in the organization and work of Brati Ritoša d.o.o. wants to:

  • constantly improve the quality of business
  • continuously develop the scope of business
  • continuously increase business efficiency
  • reduce the number of complaints from customers and suppliers

A valuable instrument by which Brati Ritoša d.o.o. constantly improving the quality of services are guidelines and suggestions of its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and its own employees. Brati Ritoša d.o.o. will persevere in regular innovation and service quality improvements, as well as encouraging employees and other stakeholders to act creatively to improve customer and supplier relationships.
Adriano Ritoša